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Design a keeper of the nature 
of the Black swamp zone 

  • The keeper should reflect the area it manages.

  • The Black swamp is a dark place where the beings who live there do not necessarily appreciate the visitors, one does not feel well there, and the night many strange noises are heard.

  • A keeper is between one and fifteen meters high.

  •  He can be made of all possible materials without restriction (wood, plants, earth, metal, rock...), as well as fur, scales, skin... 

  • It is not necessarily humanoid but necessarily has a head.

To win :

  • Your design in the game 

  • Discord role Contest winner 

  • 50€ to spend on Meetlight’s presale site (Backerkit Store)

3 simple steps to participate : 

2 ways to win : 

  1.  Have the most upvotes on Discord 

  2.  Have the most reaction on social networks 
    (all networks combined, you can post on several)

Rules : 

faun creature (1).jpg
  1.  Drawing, painting and AI are allowed so that everyone can participate, 
    but beware, it is the creativity that will be most important beyond the beauty, do not let the machine do everything! (please notify if you draw or use AI art)  

  2. By entering the contest, you agree that your design may be used as a strong inspiration for the Zone Keeper in the game Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe. 

  3.  Please note that your work, whether created by yourself or by Ai, will be used as a strong inspiration but will be reworked and adapted to the graphics and needs of the game

  1.  Create your guardian of the blackswamp design

  2. Post your participation on your favorite social media (instagram, twitter or facebook

    by tagging @meetlightgame and #MeetlightContest 

  3.  Go to Meetlight Discord and post your concept and the link of your post(s) from the social media under the channel #March-Design-Contest 

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